Transmuted state of being

Transmuted State of Being shows a blurred distinction between the micro/macro world. This amplifies the complexity of the self. Electrodeposition (the process used in electroplating) offered the ability to plate metal onto non-organic material. By lowering the power source, a slow growth of copper particles formed and attached to the shafts of my hair.

The connection of hair and copper suggests an ambiguity. There is a strange combination of delight and disturbance. Hair separated from the head implies weakness as its boundaries have been removed from the body. Copper Penny: A kangaroo imprint on a penny is painted with graphite paint to attract copper build-up. A wire suspends the coin in the copper solution.

A separate experiment involves fastening strands of hair further along the same wire. The hair is not in contact with the penny while in the solution. Reviewing the experiment reveals fine threads of hair had detached from the wire and are fastened to the coin’s rim. The dependence of agency and relationships contributes to a transient, evolving state of matter. This observation gives reason to see things ‘anew’.