1. Act of ReEncounter.Reclamation Act I -2019, Sand, linen, cotton, wool, dimensions variable - Image Jacob Laing.jpg
Breathe, January 2019, silk, muslin, latex, fibreglass, wool, dimensions 1.2 m x 75cm Image Susie Burgher Photography.jpg
7 Transmuted State of Being 1-4, 2016. Dimensions 10 cm x 4 cm_ copper electrodeposition, artist’s hair. Image Credit Nu Image.JPG
Shifting Interior Cavities, (Video Still) 2015. Dimensions variable_ frozen water. Image courtesy of the artist (2).jpg
2 Disturbing a Silent Voice, April 2016. Dimensions variable_ branches, muslin, white cement, illuminative aggregate. Image Gail Hocking.jpg
Swaddle - White cement, muslin, dimensions 1.2m x 30cm,2010, Image-Gail Hocking.jpg
Bearings, 2014. Dimensions 30 cm x 9 cm_ wax, iron filings, rare earth magnet, electric motor. Image courtesy of the artist.jpg